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The editors: from fathers to daughter since 1920

Parisian Monument Map

Jules, the founder

Jules Leconte

In 1920, Jules Leconte, founder of Editions Leconte and successor of Editions Joly, becomes established at 15 quai Saint Michel in Paris. His idea? To publish a map of Paris in various forms: a folding map, a guide with a street index, an easily accessible map and even a map dedicated to Parisian monuments, illustrated in colors.

The Editions Joly-Leconte are born.

In 1928, Jules Leconte sets up shop at 16 de la rue des Archives in the historic Marais district. At this point, only his name is signed on the covers of the maps: Editions J. Leconte.

Map of Paris

André, the visionary

Andre Leconte

It is also in 1928 that André, the son of Jules, creates namesake institutions at 38 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie. After his father's death, he resumes his activity, perpetuating the editorial line of Paris maps that have become so well-known. In addition to the maps, he adds a collection of guides about cuisine, gardening and classic authors.

A true visionary, he detects the public's growing interest in postcards, publishing a collection of views of Paris under the brands A. L., then Guy.

At the same period, André Leconte associates himself with the publishing house Guilmin, who publishes a map of Paris with a brown or red cover. The color of these maps will evolve from brown to burgundy over the years, but what will remain to this day is the silver hot foil stamp: the historical emblem of when the company became A. Leconte Editeur in 1936.

Editions Le Goubey Emy Valoire Estel

Jacques, the developer

Jacques Leconte

Jacques Leconte, the son of André, enters the family business at age 14. He ensures the continuity of the Parisian company by creating his own publishing house of postcards called Valoire, close to the famous castles in the Loire Valley.

Jacques will broaden the scope of his regional activity with the acquisition of Editions Estel, Emy (Editions Le Goubey) and Lys, giving birth to the Groupe Leconte.

These marks are still on the backs of postcards from the following regions: Alsace, Auvergne, Bourgogne, Champagne-Ardenne, Normandie, Bretagne, Languedoc-Roussillon and the Loire Valley.

In 1980, for reasons of logistics and convenience, Jacques Leconte transfers Editions Leconte to Ivry sur Seine, at 8 and 10 avenue Henri Barbusse.

4 days in Paris

Marc, the Parisian

Marc Leconte

In 1993, Marc Leconte, the son of Jacques, enters Editions Leconte. He takes charge in 2001 and develops tour guides such as: Paris-Versailles, Paris in 4 days and bus guides for Paris and the Ile de France. Now published under the name Editions A. Leconte, the views of Paris postcard collection is enhanced with new pictures every year.

Meanwhile, the line of Paris souvenir merchandise from Editions A. Leconte sees the light of day in 2000. The line expands every year with new items: the irresistible snow globe, magnets, pens, stationary, mugs, pins, decorative objects and more.

Pensée de Paris

Xavière, the creative

Xavière Leconte

Arriving in 2008, Xavière Leconte, the daughter of Marc, takes charge of Editions A. Leconte in 2010. A designer by training, she strives to uphold the tradition of the company while providing her designer expertise and her creative input.

In 2011, Xavière creates and publishes a Paris shopping guide. Fascinated by the Maison's sumptuous photographic archive, she imagines a collection of colorized black and white postcards. In the same vein, Xavière creates the lines “Paris Chromo” and “C’est la Vie!”, both collections of historic photographs unearthed in the archives. She also continues to expand the line of souvenir merchandise.

Eric & Christophe,
love of regions

Since 1990, Eric Leconte, the third son of Jacques, and his own son Christophe, direct the Editions Valoire Estel as well as the Groupe Leconte.

Together, they develop regional souvenir products and upgrade the postcard collections as well as the guides for the Loire Valley castles, for Mont Saint-Michel and for other treasures in the French regions. Eric and Christophe also create special edition product lines for major wildlife and tourist attractions.